Product Photography

Wanting to gain new skills in other areas of photography, I’ve taken workshops to improve as well as add to my portfolio. Here are some samples of what I’ve done in product photography.



For the last image, it was a combination of two images. One with and one without the splash. While I did use a tripod to try to keep things in the same spot for editing later, things did move around and therefore the two images didn’t line up exactly when I tried to align them in Photoshop. So I tried to guesstimate at best to center the product and get it as close as possible for proper editing. Here are the originals below. Combined together, I managed to create a final image without the arm and the pouring water. What I wanted was the splashing portion and nothing more. The image without the splash was really there to have a clear crisp view of the bottle as well as to make the editing easier so I won’t have to clone out the pouring water in the most difficult areas.

© Grecel Nepomuceno All Rights Reserved

© Grecel Nepomuceno All Rights Reserved

There is more to come with product photography

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