Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin


*Please note, this blog is NSFW (Not Safe For Work)*

While I contemplated on how to position these photos online for social media, I wondered what the purpose might be. Do I go down that route of having to explain myself? Then I thought, well, maybe not. These photos are what they are. I actually wanted to showcase what I have done on top of the portraits I’ve already posted. I also wanted to show diversity and growth in my work. As with many of the photo shoots I attended at this specific studio, I attained model releases allowing me limited release (for non-commercial usage such as portfolios). Never do I release professional photographs online for my portfolio without the permission of people in the photos.

Then I remembered why I wanted to write this blog in the first place.

Quite a while ago after I was laid off from work, I immediately got a job within weeks. It was a seasonal job, yes, but it was nice to know I had something to tide me over until at least Christmas. I was mainly there to produce personalized calendars and photo books. Possibly you’ve seen them before? If not, at the very least check out Costco. Not to say I’m solely promoting Costco. I’m sure there are many companies out there that can create these personalized items. Just that Costco is a recognizable shopping place for people in North America.

Anyhow, I actually enjoyed creating personalized photo books and calendars. Every now and then, I helped out with greeting cards also. The best ones were the professionally done photos. You could tell these families put a lot of effort into putting these photos together for a good looking photo book. The end result would be memories captured and bound and will be kept for a very long time.

Sometimes, we’d come across boudoir style photo books. Some were professionally done…. and some…ahem….well….. were not. The difference was definitely there. Those who decided to do their own selfies  were probably too embarrassed to ask a professional or didn’t want to shell out the big bucks to get it done right. Whatever the reason for doing it, we actually preferred those who chose the professional route. We were allowed to process these photo books because of the artistic style of the photographs (whether you agree with it or not). It can boost the confidence of the person in the photos if done right. The biggest tip I can give to those thinking about a boudoir style photo shoot and then deciding on going through with it – do ask for a portfolio, recommendations and be clear on whether or not you give permission for photo release. Otherwise, the photos you paid for are for you specifically.

Without much further ado:

Milk Bath//

Milk Bath//




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