Capturing Your Memories

Capturing Memories

Tips for Improving Your Photography and Capturing the Best Moments

• Learn your camera and its functions so you can make the best use of what of you have and make decisions based on what you want to photograph.
• Don’t let those expensive cameras fool you. Just as a good oven doesn’t cook good food on its own, a camera doesn’t take a good photo on its own.
• Don’t be a camera snob. Expensive does not mean better. Practice helps you improve.
• Snartphone cameras are good for those quick, in-the moment shots. They’re light to carry and handy since you’re likely to have it on you for calls.
• Tripods are your friend. It  can help you take photos that require long exposures as well as selfies when necessary.
• Take photographs from different perspectives as well as at different settings, even use filters or change tint. Slightest changes can improve a photo.
• Popular tourist spots tend to get crowded. Getting out early enough will allow you to get the best shots and in clear view without no one in the photo.
• Sunrise photography require getting up very early in the summer – 5:30am is a good starting mark. The sun moves very quickly and by 7am, the sun is already high and may be too bright for the deep orange and red tones. You can try to adjust settings to create a darker image.
• Depending on your perspective, Photoshop  and other editing software is the best/worst thing ever. You can improve your photos but it’s also a lot of work. If you want to do the least amount of work on your photographs, learn how to achieve different looks using your camera skills. Plan well.
• Things don’t have to be perfect every time. Sometimes capturing something in the moment is more fun.
• Photograph in RAW if you have software to process it. Jpeg images are compressed and holds less image information. Raw files produce better quality photos, white balance can be adjusted and you can do non-destructive editing.
• Yes, sometimes I use filters on my camera phone, but I don’t do it all the time. Just because it’s available, it doesn’t have to be used every time. Lately, I’ve noticed how selfies and Instagram filters have changed the perspective of young people and how they feel about themselves.
• It’s great to look at what others do for inspiration, but also create your own style.
• I’ve heard different debates on the best brand cameras, best editing software, how to photograph (natural lighting vs. strobes), but really…I just like to learn what I can so I have options to create the best images.
• I regret the moments when I didn’t take a photograph when the opportunity was there.
• Find friends or interest groups who want to do the same things as you do. No one really wants to wait for you unless they have the same goals. I fall behind in hikes trying to photograph things. I also managed to get out early on Sturgeon Bay Campground for that very early sunrise on a kayak.
• Photograph what you love, even when you’re a professional photographer. Someone may l like your personal work and hire you for those things.


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