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Getting connected on social media helps to show others what I have been up to. What I find is that different platforms feed different needs. For example, on my official Facebook page, people like practical photography tips. I try to balance that with works that I have done. On Twitter, I like to make quick and easy tweets on things that I have done socially and some works. With Google Plus, I do tend to show more of my works, but ones that have not been posted on other social media sites. Finally, on Instagram, I will post my adventures in food, travel and culture. I do try to be aware of those who follow me on various platforms and not feed them the same photos. I also like to show a bit of versatility while showing what I love on various sites. Various sites for various purposes.

While I try to expand my skills and try new things like corporate photography that include more product photography, I have finally added a new social media site to promote more of my work – Model Mayhem. This is more so to get connected with others in the same industry so that we can help promote each other as well as use each other’s services.

Check me out here:

Official Portfolio

Model Mayhem




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