Creating a Virtual Tour for a Small Business

Trends, for the last few years at least, is leaning more towards videos to help promote businesses. Its competitive edge help to demonstrate what a business can do for consumers. I was able to create a virtual tour for a small business which launched on their website near the end of January of this year. Although a bit lengthy, the business owner wanted to capture the daily routines of their business to address most frequently asked questions. They were happy with the result and feedback on the video were positive.

Cats Castle provides a temporary cat boarding service for people who need pet care for reasons that include going on vacation, moving to a new place or renovations. Check out the videos below and don’t forget to visit Cat’s Castle’s website:



Below is a short tutorial on how to navigate Cat’s Castle’s official Facebook page to find photos of cats who board here. Although it may be simple enough for those of us who frequent Facebook often, there are those who are not on it. Although it may be unbelievable since membership accounts are in the billions, I know of some that just don’t care and don’t want to be caught up in social media. As long as someone has access the internet, they can visit any business’ official Facebook page without an account.



Looking, in a continued effort to expand my skillset, I would like to move more towards corporate and product photography. There is much to be learned and many resources to look though I starting with I have also bought Geekology 2.0 by Jay Tablante. He is a Filipino photographer whose skills are just as impressive as his diverse portfolio The book itself is mainly about cosplay, but what I am more interested in is his process in creating his images.

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