Beauty Photo Shoot

Editorial Photo Shoot, Artistic


Ever since completing an internship for photography a few years ago, I was quite happy with the experience and the portfolio pieces I received for the work I put into the program. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I realized things were becoming real and I can move forward as a photographer should I choose to. I did leave with a job in tow. A few years later, I managed to retain this job in a tough and often competitive industry. I did manage to get a few freelance jobs on the side in the past few months. I do want to retain the respect of my clients by maintaining their privacy unless they give me permission to use their images for my portfolio.

The question remains – how do I show growth and update my portfolio?

Years ago, I was introduced to Meetup. I started out joining a few social groups. Since then, I have also joined networking and photography groups. It’s been a good experience so far. I started out taking workshops on basic photography. Afterwards, I started to pick and choose workshops suitable to my needs.

The last workshop I took was for beauty editorial with tips on how to submit photos to magazines. It was definitely informative and I learned a few more Photoshop techniques. The facilitator specializes in fine arts. I admire both her’s and another professional photographer’s work who also specializes in fine art. Recently, I was looking into the works of a professional photographer specializing in cosplay. With his comic book like style of editing, I want to learn how he does it. He does have a couple of books on how to achieve this.

With this in mind, I would like to start pushing my own boundaries and experiment in how to create more artistic images. Here are more images from the beauty editorial workshop:

Editorial Photo Shoot

Editorial Photo Shoot

Editorial Photo Shoot, Artistic

Editorial Photo Shoot, Artistic


Up and coming, I have a product photography workshop and ballerina at a museum. I look forward to having new works in my portfolio.

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