In one of my previous jobs, I always dreaded performance reviews. It produced higher than normal anxieties as I had to rate myself and list my accomplishments for the year. Then onto a discussion with management about it. Every day became a big blur as my daily work life started to look the same with the demands and deadlines. I came to the realization much later in life how important it is to keep myself motivated.

After I left and moved on to other jobs, I really appreciated the little things that made every day easier. Deadlines still needed to be met and jobs needed to be done correct. However it was the team lead and manager that made the difference in one of my jobs. Whether it was quick meetings to motivate the group to do better, or the team lead corralling everyone to a competition to work faster, it was a fun environment.

My last job had a rewards system whenever an employee understood and met a set criteria. It was a form of quality control, yes, as the company knew quality products and excellent customer service may result in increased sales. I actually liked being rewarded and being told what my strengths were. It was also opportunity to improve my weaknesses.

Reviewing my skills and accomplishments for my resume/CV, I am glad to have documents to show my progress as a photographer. Upon gathering such things, I came across a blog from a business for which I provided photographs for a seminar I covered. I did remember sharing the photos with the business owners, however, I had no idea they were going to provide positive reviews. Thanks Rent Bark!

Check out the blog and their website:

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