New Horizons

New Horizons

It’s been fairly busy for me the last two months, mostly because I currently hold two jobs to help me get by as I continue to develop my business on the side. Not to say that I have been neglectful of my business. In actual fact, I have generated some interest from the network event I posted earlier.

I have managed to create a video for a small business’ website, do a photo shoot for another person through this contact, head shots of male models and photograph a luxury condominium in the Toronto area for listing. There will be a first for everything, but to be able to gain knowledge and experience in these areas will allow me to expand my business as well as develop ideas that will help me grow. I will also be photographing a close connection for family portraits in August.

Through all this, I have come up with some ideas that will help expand my business as well as differentiate myself from other photographers. I have been asked whether or not I do wedding photography. It is by choice that I do not do weddings. It is extremely competitive  in this specific industry and it’s not something I am comfortable doing. I do get surprise looks from non-photographers, but for those who have already done it, they say with a smile that it’s a good thing I don’t. With that, I am developing some of my ideas and will pitch it afterwards to a few people to see if it’s something worth pursuing.

As for my other jobs, I can’t complain. As hard as it is to work up to seven days a week and giving up my summer, it allows me to pay bills while I’m living my dream. One job is in fact photography, and the other job is a BBQ catering job. While I haven’t worked in the food industry for quite a long time (my first job being Mrs. Field’s Cookies), it’s been quite a surprise working at the BBQ place. I am definitely a foodie but not much of a cook. Isn’t that ironic? I learned to make California Rolls a long time ago and found that the home-made version is better than some restaurants. Now that I’m learning more about BBQ, it will essentially help me to appreciate home cooking more as I try out what I know. The place itself is very relaxed, even though on busy days, we are rushed to fill orders. I’m happy to say I managed to hold onto the photography job for over a year now. With the job market in photography being very competitive, I am glad to be employed as a photographer at all.

The photo depicted in this post is the skyline of Mississauga.

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