Universal Seminars

I recently had the opportunity to photograph for Universal Seminars and came across some amazing people. Erik Swanson for one was very enthusiastic and had an energy about him that I couldn’t help but smile when he kept saying I was awesome. He had such a positive attitude even when there were some minor issues to be dealt with. I was glad he pointed out to me what kinds of things he wanted to see photographed. In actual fact, I prefer that clients tell me what’s working and what’s not. I am there to serve them because these photos will be used by them. Every now and then, I would show him what I had on camera. By all accounts, he was happy with what I have done so far.

In terms of the event itself, there were several speakers who were there to help entrepre-neurs and business people help improve sales in more ways than one. They each had their unique selling points. Among the speakers at the Toronto event were Ron White, Loral Langemeier, Doug Grady and Ken Renner. Ron White is a memory expert and has been featured on Fox Television, CBC, NBC, Discovery Channel and newspapers and magazines all over the world. Loral Langemeier is a money expert and has helped thousands become millionaires. She has bestselling books such as the Millionaire Expert and was a contri-butor to The Secret. Doug Grady is the author of Ripple Effect and has been helping professionals around the world connect with their customers, clients and audiences. Finally, Kenn Renner is a real estate expert and has the #1 real estate Youtube channel. He also teaches entrepreneurs how to market themselves using video marketing. Listening to each of these speakers, you want to know more about how they can help you. With Ron White as an example, he points out how many of us forget people’s names when we first meet them. In terms of business, it would be beneficial to remember who we meet as well as what they do. I admit that my name is not easy and I certainly don’t expect people to remember it. At the same time, I have been more likely to do business with someone who does remember it and even say my name correct. (I should now introduce my name as gracious Grecel so I am more memorable.). Moreso, I’ve been wanting to learn several languages and it is difficult because I am not submerged in the kind of culture I need to allow me to remember.

It was certainly an interesting event. More humbling is the fact that everyone seemed down to earth. I did not once think any of them were snobbish or had that better-than-thou attitude because of who they are.

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